Monday, January 22, 2007


Yes...I have finally acquired a Wii. After all of my searching, my boss at work here was able to do the impossible and grab one for me. His cousin has been able to find four of them in the last two weeks...a monumental feat to be sure.

So, I plan to hook it up when I get home and play some Wii sports with my daughters. This is going to be a blast for the girls and I to play together. As the dad, its my job to "corrupt" them as much as possible, and I see no better way to do this then to get them into gaming.

BC is still going well. I'm 84% of the way through level 61. I know, I'm a very slow leveler, but this is by my design. Some of my faster leveling guild mates were asked in chat last night, "What are you going to do when you hit 70?"...the answer: "Grind". Classical.

The other games that I'm playing are still on the go. I'm still skilling up in Eve Online. I just finished all the training I needed to start Salvaging. I ready to start saving up for a Battleship. I've only got 8 million ISK to my name, so its going to be a long ride getting money through mission running. If anyone has any idea how to make more money, please let me know. My plan with this game is to stick with it until Revelations is done and then evaluate what to do from there.

Still dabbling, yes...dabbling in EQ2. I started on another server with a good friend of mine. I haven't had much time in EQ2 since BC came out, but we all knew that would happen. Honestly, I don't know how much I'll be getting into EQ2 this year. Lord of the Rings Online is hitting retail right about the time when I should be wrapping up BC...and I know I want to experience that game. EQ2 continues to be the game I want to play but is constantly pushed aside for other shiny things that get my attention.

D out.


Cuppycake said...

"EQ2 continues to be the game I want to play but is constantly pushed aside for other shiny things that get my attention."

Why is that? Its happening with me too. IMO, EQ2 is the best game in its current state right now when compared with other MMO's. Why is it that I can find time to play everything that's new and shiny yet EQ2 always sits there unplayed? *sigh*

Mr. Gone said...

I'm not a big fan of EQ2, I have played them all. (almost all anyway) I keep going back to WoW, I guess everyone has their own preference.

LotR Online really hasn't gotten my attention, I played for a while and besides the graphics being pretty good it's just not my cup of tea. It reminds me too much of DDO, not a big coincidence if you look at the developer. heh.