Friday, January 19, 2007

Were we wrong to be so bloody negative?

All of us, well most of us, in the MMO blog-o-sphere where predicting bad things for the launch of BC. I'm not going to link to specific posts, most of you who read me read the others as well. I'm sure most of the readers here were thinking the same thing: "Run for the hills, BC is commin!!!" World of Warcast has episode 32 up for your listening pleasure, and they predict the same sort of things for the launch. Where we wrong to predict such doom? Are we that bitter, old and jaded to think that everything that can go wrong, will?

I don't think that we were completely off of our rockers when we predicted queues and server instability with the expansion...we've got a lot of history to pull that conclusion from. Historically, when an MMO releases an expansion, or even a patch, that usually translates to the server being down for a period of time. When the server is up, usually the game is not very playable. When WoW had the AQ gate event, server performance was just we do have previous history examples even from WoW itself.

Leading into the release of BC, we saw increasing queues and wait times to get into the game. Bloggers, podcasters and other players of WoW concluded that it can only get worse when BC goes live. It made sense at the time and it still makes sense now. It did happen, but not to the degree that was predicted.

So, where we right to even suggest all of this doom and gloom? I think we were. If anything, the negative buzz surrounding the launch did brace a lot of people for a very real possibility. As it stands right now the BC launch turned out to be that forgotten $20 bill you found in your back pocket...a nice, pleasant surprise.

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Cuppycake said...

A smooth launch like this happens when the expansion was already patched a month ago with 2.0. Preparation is key.