Friday, January 19, 2007

Look at me, I win...and stuff that really matters

First and foremost, let me just say that I am enjoying the heck out of BC right now. We are all doing in WoW what we like doing...playing our toons and getting measurable progress out of doing so. For now, gone are the days of grinding out instances over, and over and over get the picture. I was talking to my brother yesterday and he expressed how happy he was to be actually getting exp again. I said the exact same thing while running Blood Furnace(is that the right name for it....??) with my guild. Like a nice French wine, I plan to savor this.

Speaking of the French. Their reputation for taking life slowly and enjoying the moment is apparently a bunch of BS. The first player to get to 70 has been announced. Well...congratulations, you just won an all expense trip to, ummmm, waiting till other people get to 70?? Really, what was the point of getting to 70 that fast? Just to say that you did? OK, you what. This mentality of "me first at all costs" is something I'll never understand and will probably always loath. It ranks right up there with people who line up at Best Buy and then sprint as fast as they can to a shiny electronic carrot when the doors open. Good little bunny, now, lets see what other tricks you can do. Well, enough of that then. Congrats Gullerbone for accomplishing something that means absolutely nothing.

I've mentioned before that the Vanguard devs are working like crazy to get the game in a somewhat playable state for release, and they're still going strong with almost a patch a day. The latest patch has a whole bunch of fixes in it. I admire their dedication to this game, and I really hope they get a good solid foundation for launch. If that foundation is not there, then Vanguard is not going to have a very good time recovering from the bad press that they will get from the community. Of course, I also said that WoW servers would not be stable at launch, so I'm not always on the ball with this stuff :)

Speaking of WoW servers. since last night or the night before. No noticeable lag either. Outstanding work. Sure, other MMOs have had smooth launches and other companies have had great recoveries from not so good launches...but none of them had to do a launch of this magnitude before. This is why I did not think it would go well. From a logistical and technical perspective, getting 8 million people through a launch of a new product is just begging for some hiccups here and there. If EQ2 had 8 million users, I just wonder if the EoF expansion would have been as smooth. The story here is not that WoW had a good launch, the story is that they did it with 8 million subscribers (give or take 1 million or so).

I got some great screenshots of my adventures. Plan to put them up here in the next couple of days.

D out.

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