Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So...people are starting to post their first and/or second night of the BC expansion. Here is mine:

1) log in after getting home from the Sens game (yes, we won 5-2 bitches!!!)

2) logging in was ok as my character was parked in Winterspring. So it was a quick hearth to Kargath then a flight over to Swamp of Sorrows then ride to the Dark Portal from there. thing I forgot. When you install the expansion, it resets you to version I had to go to fileplanet to reinstall the 2.03 patch and the 2.0.3->2.0.5 patch.

3) I get the dark portal and enter...and I wait at the loading screen for 10 minutes. I exit myself to desktop, kill the WoW process and restart. I get in. I get into a series of quests that get me to Thralimar. I then loose connection to world server...DOH!

4) Log back in...start looking around Thralimar a bit. I lose connection to world server....DOUBLE DOH!

5) Its now midnight...I'm tired and I'm not in the mood to relog again. I close it up, I log into Eve to start another skill to train and I go to bed.

According to my guildmates and the forums, Gilneas has been going through lots of server disconnects since launch. One buddy of mine told me that he was trying to stay in instances in order to avoid the crashes. I'm not sure of the technical aspects of Blizzards servers, but I think they do separate world and instance servers...not sure though.

So, my first hour in BC was not much to write home about. The world is beautiful as always. The graphics look incredible and the framerate was awesome (Darren looks in Sigil's direction...again) . I really hope the server is stable tonight so that I can start playing and leveling again, which is what WoW is good at.

A note...and Tobold brought this up as well: I refuse to rush this. I don't want to get to 70 in 2 weeks. I refuse to allow myself to be rushed by the people around me, who act like a 400lb fat man gorging himself on hamburgers like he's never seen them before. I want to enjoy leveling in WoW again. I want to enjoy the story again. I want to be surprised again. I want to have fun in WoW again.

D out.

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