Friday, January 12, 2007

Memorable MMO moments

I was just thinking on the way to work what my top memorable moments are from my MMO adventures so far...and I've come up with no particular order:

1. When I traveled through that "worm-hole" like travel system in AC2...nice cool factor.

2. When I met my first guild in EQ2. I was traveling to the griffin station near Qeynos when I saw a group of people all sitting in a circle. I thought it was a great display of organization...first time I've seen that kind of grouping in an MMO. I said hi, asked some questions, and the guild leader sent me to their web site. I applied, got accepted and I still have friends from that guild today...two years later.

3. In DDO. That same group of friends and I were going through a dungeon. I'm the Rogue, so I'm on point. Our, ahem, paladin (you know who you are) races out in front of me and triggers an event just as I detect a hidden area. This secret door opens and out comes this huge Troll...and I mean big. It scared the crap out of me....which was awesome. I think we wiped, but later came back prepared to kick his green ass.

4. My first epic in WoW. We just killed Sulfuron and I got my Rogue boob shoulders. I never thought I could look epic, sexy and cheap all at the same time.

5. The first time I entered Stomwind in WoW. Just as you entered the gates, that music played...and those statues of all those heroes. I think WoW hooked me at that moment.

There are others I'm sure...but those where the first ones to come to mind.

D out.

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