Monday, January 08, 2007

More Vanguard Beta Previews

More stuff from Van Hemlock (who has links to other previews, including your truly) and from Tobold. Brent also has an excellent Vanguard segment on show #47. The over consensus is that its a real diamond in the rough and it's certainly not ready for its Q1 2007 release date. Brent mentioned something quite fitting that Brendon ( told him...Brendon called the game "Funguard" because it guards the fun from you. Very apt description.

However, despite all of these negative Beta Previews in the Blog-o-sphere right now, everyone that I've read wants this game to succeed. We all want this game to get to where it needs to be. Like I mentioned before, we live in a post-WoW MMO world right now and there are design implementations that are now expected to be standard in the MMOs that we play:
  • Low barrier to entry.
  • Noticeable and fun character advancement.
  • Manageable death penalties.
  • Ease of world travel.
  • Multiple and fun alternatives to adventuring.
  • Fun and accessible end game for all players.
With the exception to the last point, it seems like Vanguard has very little of these. Part of me thinks they are doing this just to stick their finger in WoW's eye. It's kinda like that rebellious teenager who wants to dye their hair purple and pierce everything just to be different. Fine, dye your hair purple and pierce your toenails if you want, but jeese, put on a suit like everyone else when you come to the company party...please.

I do think Vanguard will get on its feet eventually within its first two years once it gets some patches and expansions...and I really do hope that is the case for game with this much potential.

D out.

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