Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vanguard Forums close

All I can say is, "thank God!!!". I find it very ironic that the discussion that follows kinda gives you an idea of why there should be no forums for MMOs

I don't like MMO forums. Sure, some of them are very helpful and full of very useful information such as leveling guides, character guides and important impressions of the game for new or potential players. What I don't like is the whining, the complaining and the general disrespect the majority of people show to one another for simply having a different opinion. Can you imagine if the real world was like a forum? Good Lord. I'd be able to scream, yell, swear and spit at every person who I think deserves it. OK...I'm not being exactly fair, I know. Most of the above impressions come from the cesspit that are the WoW forums. If there was any occasion for a Darwinian process to naturally select, that would be a good place to start.

I for one am hoping that this is a trend that the MMO industry will take in the future. Let the fan sites be the place for forums and the like. Let the MMO companies concentrate on what we want them to do more of...making great games.

D out.

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