Thursday, November 30, 2006

Violent Video Games...bah..humbug!

I was trying to scrounge around for that study about violent video games that I mentioned yesterday, but Bill beat me too it. I suggest you take a look at Dubious Quality...he's got all of the latest info on his site. Take a look at his recent entries: "A Little More" and "The Stupid Wagon: All Aboard!". The link that I was mentioning is also there, and then some.

Never believe a study when it comes out, on any subject...ever. Especially when it comes to this subject. The only reason these eggheads do studies is for continued funding. The only reason people use these studies is for political gain. Period.

You hear of clowns like Jack Thompson shouting to the wind about "murder simulators". Well, I hope you guys have hunting next on your attack list. In Canada, I believe you can get your hunting license at least it was when I got mine. When you hunt, you use a real gun with real bullets. You're aiming at a real living creature that will bleed real blood and die. If I wanted to, I'd be able to make the connection from hunting deer to killing humans in a heart beat. But, the hunting and gun lobbies have more I'd loose. Hunting, fishing and such are political "momma and apple pie" issues. Video games, on the other hand, have no lobby organization and are therefore an easy target for political points and research funding.

D out.

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