Tuesday, November 14, 2006

DDO Death and WoW Battlegrounds

The good people over at Turbine have announced that DDO will be changing the death penalty. some good stuff in there, including the possibility of the death penalty decay for inactive characters....good news for casual players who's progress is hampered by tough penalties when dying.

Also, The Burning Crusade is getting a new battleground, no idea if its in beta.

Brent over at Virgin Worlds brought up a really good point about long betas. He essentially said that games that have a long beta tend to loose their luster at release because players get to experience all the new content. This is especially true, he says, because of the lack of NDA for BC and the delay to January 16th. Well, this is a relatively new announcement (Nov.13/2006). I'm not in the BC beta (nor do I want to be, for the exact reasons Brent mentions), but I don't think this has really been shown to players until now. Although, I'm sure beta players will get to test this thing out. Regardless, this may be the start of a trend by Blizzard to announce things like this up to the launch...maybe even saving stuff until after....one can dream.

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