Thursday, November 16, 2006

Non MMO stuff

Stardock, one of my favorite game developers has a new game coming out in the near future called Sins of a Solar Empire. Not the best title in the world IMHO, but this company delivered for GalCivII, so I jumped at the chance to get this one.

It’s been described as a Homeworld-ish real-time 4X game (I know...I'm not sure what that means either. The wiki says this about it:

"According to the official Sins website, the primary feature that sets Sins apart from other RTS titles is the seamless integration of a real-time epic strategy mode with real-time tactical fleet combat. Possibly for the first time in the genre players will be able to zoom back and forth from gods-eye view to individual battles, all within the same screen, in real-time."

I pre-ordered it yesterday. Pre-orders do get into the beta which will be available this winter.

I've said it before here. There are not many companies like Stardock around, please support these guys so they can continue to innovate and make great games for us.

D out.

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