Wednesday, November 15, 2006

WoW v2.0, Carpe Diem

WoW v2.0 is now on test realms. For those who want to test...get over there and report back immediately. This is obviously the big patch to lay the groundwork for BC. There are huge changes to PvP...making it a bit more attractive to yours truly.

I had a couple of friends grind their way to Rank 14. They spent 8-10 hours a day PvPing in WoW in order to get it...hehehe....SUCKERS!! I kid....I kid cause I care. I foresee these people getting "grandpa" on us...foretelling us of the days where they had to travel 100 miles in the snow, uphill, fighting mountain lions in order to get to school. The grandpa term is very apt in this case because I'm sure diapers were involved in order to achieve Rank 14.

For subscribers of FilePlanet, there is yet another Beta being offered there...this time for Carpe Diem. This MMO looks like another Korean I won't be touching it with a 10 foot pole. But hey, if you like the fruity, tra-la-la-laaa grind of anime MMOs then check it out.

And of course, from all reports, Echoes of Faydwer has hit store shelves. Feedback from the beta was positive in terms of the features added, but we'll have to see how its received by the general public.

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