Friday, November 10, 2006

EQ2 Combat changes,, LOTRO beta journal

EQ2 combat changes are now on the test server for everyone to check out. Details of the changes can be found here.

From what I can gleam from the change list, it looks like an across the board scale down of everything combat related, including mobs, so the actual impact of the change is in the air. I think the reason for the changes might be a little more clear once EoF comes out. Player reaction is mixed as one would expect...some calling "nerf" others saying its a "room to grow" patch. is offering 50 Ryzom accounts in a giveaway. You can try the trial island for Ryzom for free, just go here to get the client to start owe it to yourself. There is also a contest for 200 2 Moons beta keys. Check out the details here.

New beta journal is up for Lord of the Rings Online. Would love to get in the beta for this one. Information I've seen so far indicates that although this title really isn't bringing anything new tot he MMO space, but it is fun to play. We shall see...oh yes...we shall see.

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