Friday, November 24, 2006

More Eve Fanfest and Warhammer

I truly believe that Warhammer has the potential to be the WoW killer...I really do. No, not because of the orcs look the same (please look up who came first) but because I think the game play, specifically pvp, will outshine WoW in every way. There is a nice little write up about the current state of the game over at Warhammer Alliance. Of interesting note is the take on quests. The author tells us that there is a real sense of purpose in the quests and that they are very well written and executed. Please let this be true. If I see one "go kill 10 turtles...just because" quest, I'll scream.

More info from Eve fanfest regarding Revelations II and III. Although I'm really looking forward to the changes coming on Nov. 28 (Revelations I), Revelations II looks like it will really add some spice to the world of Eve. What I couldn't believe is that these guys are laying plans for Eve over the next 10 years. Thats insane! A good insane..but still insane.

D out.

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