Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Mario Dash

We have a Gamecube. I got the system because we have little kids and Nintendo is really good at gaming systems for that market. My daughter is playing Mario Kart as we speak. When she first started playing, she'd gravitate towards every obstacle that was put in front of, mushrooms, those big canon balls that bark. You get the picture. Anyway, it amazes me how quickly she learns how to stay on the road and to avoid obstacles.

Given what the Gamecube has in terms of entertainment value, I'm really excited about getting a Wii. I just need to work on the wife a bit more *wink*.

This is a great article worth reading. I really hope the people at Blizzard are thinking this way. How great would WoW be if:

  • We had Eve's player run world.
  • Had DDO's loot and trap system.
  • player housing.
  • World PvP, where boarders shift with ongoing territory disputes., I'd never leave.

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