Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Green Monster Skinny

So in late September, highly respected community manager Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder left SOE and EQ2 for greener pastures. At the time, nobody knew why he left, he just did. He gave a great goodbye on the forums and sighted taking some chances in his personal life...whatever that means. Great guy...did a lot of great work for the EQ2 community.

Sometime in October, another highly respected designer for EQ2,
Steve “Moorgard" Danuser also left SOE for greener pastures.

Two very good guys left Sony, and now we know the "where", the "what" and to some extent the "why". They've joined Curt Schilling's new game company Green Monster Games to work on an MMO.

Some other big names there as well, including: Erik Theisz (also from SOE), Michael Woods (SOE), Brian Jones (Titan Quest) and Brian Labore (AOE II).

So we've got a great core team of heavy hitters working for a self-described MMO nut (Schilling's description...not mine).

How will this play out? Well, we all know what Schilling likes and where the core team comes be on the look-out for another EQ-like MMO from these guys. It will probably the Elf/Orc/Goblin type of MMO with some different twists on gameplay. Lots of people say Vanguard is really EQ2.5...I would not be surprised if they put out Vanguard 2.5-ish type of game.

Regardless of what I think, we should all wish these guys good luck in their future plans. I would also think we should really demand out of them some fresh and innovative ideas out of their MMO...cause God knows the MMO space really needs it.

D out.

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