Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WoW Performance so far...

Very good article regarding the expansion rate (or lack of) in WoW over at Ten Tone Hammer. Blizzard's really behind the ball in terms of expansions, we all know that. Let's face it, if any other MMO waited 2 years for an expansion they'd have a big problem on their hands. But its not any other MMO, its WoW.

Another article regarding content updates and how it relates to DDO. DDO has, by far, the best dungeon/instance experience in an MMO to date IMHO. I'm very tempted to fire this one up again to see the changes since I left. I may make it a point to do that before TBC hits.

Played a bit of EQ2 again last night. Again, I only played for about 30 minutes before logging...again, I have no idea why.

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