Saturday, November 18, 2006

Eve News

Some really great news coming out of Eve Fest 2006. Some of the highlights:

  • Avatars coming to Eve. Meaning you can get out of your ship. There is even some hints that you'll be able to walk around your ship. For now, I think the devs are just planning for walking around the space stations for social interaction of players. However, if they pull this off, this opens the doors to all sorts of possibilities.
  • Graphics update. Some new graphics for DirectX 9.0. They also showed off some DX10 stuff as well.
  • Of course, the in game voice chat is coming as well. Gary and Ryan, over at Massively Online Gamer did a great video cast interview with the folks over at CCP. They demonstrated this new voice communication. It really does. It sounded a heck of a lot clearer then Vent or TS.

Eve is going to get big people...really big. With the changes coming in Kali, this will make Eve one of the best MMOs out there. It’s these kinds of innovations which will keep me playing this game. Speaking of some missions to do.

D out.

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