Friday, March 02, 2007

Vanguard Update #1

Looks like the first content update is coming to Vanguard on March 6th. Details can be found here, but here are some of the goodies that are going in:

Dozens of new weapon models
Six brand new NPC races to battle
Two new mid to high level adventuring areas
Nine dungeons with revamped art and/or lighting

Thank goodness they are updating some of the weapon models. One of the things that bug me about Vanguard right now is everything visually related to the player-character models, i.e. movement, weapons, combat animations etc. The aesthetics of everything external to your character looks great, so I'm happy to see that they are working on the character aspect of the game.

It's going to be a 2-3 more weeks before I submit my impressions of Vanguard via a blog review and podcast. That will put me at about 6 weeks playing...or there abouts. I personally feel that this is not enough time for this game, but I'm sure its enough time to get a good impression of what this game is about from levels 1-20-ish.

D out.

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