Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vanguard keeping us in the loop

I got to hand it to Brad and his team...they sure do like keeping the players in the loop on what's happening in Vanguard.

Two things. First is a new page over at the official Vanguard site called "In the Works". The page gives a nice overview of short term and long term goals for the dev team. It also gives a top 10 list of bugs and issues they are looking into. As Borat would say...very niiiccce.

Second, Brad himself posted on the forums again. In keeping with the last format, this one is quite long as well. This one is from the TelonCast forums. Once again, he goes over the past, present and future of Vanguard. They are coming around the current realities of the MMO space post-WoW I think...and good for them. It would be nice to see a more serious post-WoW MMO out in the market, and I think Vanguard can pull it off. Here's an interesting piece from it:

"We have a LOT of cool stuff planned (city building, mounted combat, ship to ship combat, better AI and more interesting dungeon layouts and population, eventually user generated content and a more dynamic world, and so much more)"


One thing though...despite Vanguard's current unfinished state, the Sigil team gets good marks for community communication.

D out.

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