Monday, March 19, 2007

Pirates and a Yo Ho Ho

Back fresh from a nice long weekend, hence the no post Friday from last, we're back in the saddle again.

We're all still feeling quite a bit of fallout from GDC 2007. There has been so much information coming out that I'm having a bit of a hard time keeping up with it all. The MOG Army guys have put up their latest video offering in Ep.56 and they've got some good content in there...I was specifically drawn to the Pirates of the Burning Sea stuff that they showed off. As usual, and because it his turn, I blame Brent (Virgin Worlds) from putting this game back on my radar and now I'm putting the MOG guys on my list for making it a "must buy". A curse on all of your houses I say. Seriously though, this game is looking to be very good indeed. The features that are sticking out for me are the PvP ready world and the Naval combat...both combined make me really want to get my hands on this game. Now, I've said this before that I'm really not a PvP kind of guy, but Pirates seems to set the right tone for me in terms of implementation...even more so than Warhammer at this point. Players can perform PvE missions to destabilize a port and make that port ripe for the conquering. The sea around the port also becomes a huge PvP zone in which to conduct large naval battles. Saaaaweeeet. PotBS is supposed to come out in June 2007.

Another game thats starting to get me thinking is Stargate Worlds and already it's starting to worry me. They've indicated that the leveling curve will be relatively shorter than found in most MMOs today. This is to encourage players to enter the PvP part of the game as well as role alts to experience new content as it's put in. I'm still munching on this "quick" leveling implementation that they're proposing. I'm not exactly sure why its bothering just does. Maybe it's because I'm use to a leveling system and thats what I expect, but I don't think so. I think I may be equating "quick leveling system" with "quick content", or "easy mode" gameplay in which you're just blasting through everything with relative ease. I always shake my head when I see people rushing through content just to get to level x first. An entire game in which I'm shaking my head at everyone who plays just points to a sore neck. We'll see...but a little red flag went up when I heard that. Everything else about the game sounds really good. Once again, Virgin Worlds has a great interview in show 60 with the latest and greatest on StarGate Worlds. Also, there is a good overview over at Ten Ton Hammer.

Thats it for now. Man...I've still got a list of topics I need to discuss regarding GDC and other things, but those can wait for another post.

Oh, Silent Hunter 4 should be out this week. I'll give a really short blurb on what I think about this one. This may be the only single player game I buy in it's a big deal.

D out.


-Wearfannypacks- said...

For some reason, I'm skeptical of pirate MMO games. I need to play them to believe in them. That being said, I have been drawn to pay more attention to Pirates of the Caribbean online than PotBS at this point. Maybe I ought to give it a second chance, eh?

darrenl said...

Yes...I think it deserves a second look Fanny.

...but keep your skeptic hat on.