Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh gawd my eyes....the goggles do nothing!

So I was taking a look at Site Meter for the site yesterday, you know, to see who's jumping in and to also see if there are any new faces taking a peek. I was doing this at work...important point. There were the usual sites visiting (thanks guys) and some google search links...and there it was, a new site taking a look. Well, I clicked it and I couldn't find the close button fast enough.

Nothing like a little gay porn site popping up at work to get your heart rate going.

[Edit: And that would be an "oh gawd, I'm going to get fired" kinda heart rate...not a "oh porn" kind of heart rate. I know some of you were thinking that...sickos :) ]


Cuppycake said...

Oh c'mon might get a raise or something for Equal Opportunity if your boss finds out you are gay. ;) J/K

Delaney said...

lol. Almost as good as the time the one guy in my department of all women was looking for the "Dick's Sporting Goods" website at work and wasn't thinking before he started typing what he thought were probable urls.