Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Countering the Anti-Hype

Wow...this is quite the beating for Vanguard.

They gave Vanguard a 3.0 score, with users giving the game an average score of 5.6. Now, as you know, I don't give MMOs scores...especially one month after release, so I obviously think that 1UP giving a score at this time is kinda silly. Regarding the score itself...well, its a bit on the low side. OK..OK, its waaay on the low side. Other 3.0 scores from 1UP include: Dance Dance Revolution Universe (Xbox 360), The Shield (PS2), Dave Mirra BMX Challenge(PSP) and Zoo Tycoon African Adventure(PC). Ummmm...I don't think Vanguard really belongs there.

Regarding the content of the review itself...most of what Scott says is true regarding the game: bugs, stability, high-system requirements, hardcoreness etc, etc. We all know about Vanguard's state when it launched and to be real, its still in beta. I loath that this is the case for Vanguard and if I saw Brad, I'd give him a stern talking to regarding quality control. In which he's give me a lecture about the fiscal realities of the MMO industry...then we'd just stare at each other for 3 hours without blinking.

Now, the review is pure negativity, so take it within that context. There is no balance within the article at all...its just a pure hate-on for Vanguard. Not too sure how far he got into the game, nor does he mention it. The article is extremely short on content and does not break down the game into its finer points....I don't know, maybe Scott had a bad day when he wrote it. One thing though, what he says does represent some of the player base and it is what's stopping Vanguard from being a AAA title it needs to be....and Sigil knows it.

D out.


Wearfannypacks said...

This is only my opinion:

The reviews at one up are often too hollow and full of gamer angst. These are guys who think of themselves as gaming elites and therefore nit pick at things that most people don't care about. They then try to justify with some industry information they have because "they know". The truth is, if the people like it, it must be good.

That being said, the community gave it a low score despite it's rocky launch. If it turns out to be anything like Everquest 2 was, the developers will figure it out and the game will take it's faults and fix them while highlighting it's strengths.

Sigil put way too much work and money into a game like Vanguard to simply be stubborn about not fixing bugs or making necessary changes. People just need to wait.

darrenl said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Fanny (you don't mind if I call you "Fanny" I hope :) )