Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Star Gate Worlds info

If you take a listen to Game On/MMORPG.com's latest podcast, you'll hear some really great information about the upcoming MMO Star Gate Worlds. I usually don't pimp MMORPG.com's podcast because, well, it's usually lacking in quality...but information is information.

My wife and I are really big Star Gate fans. We've watched all of SG-1 and are just starting to watch the season 2 DVD of Atlantis. This IP has huuuuge potential (...there's that word again...) and just might be the one to watch if you're desperate for a sci-fi MMO.

My wife is usually a good test indicator for high quality games that hit the market. Her favorites of the past and present are: the Civ series, the Sims series, Diablo II, and WoW...and that's it. Those there are some of the biggest hits in gaming history right there. I've tried to get her in other games, but she usually says "meh" after a few minutes and goes right back to those ones. Word of advice to Cheyenne Mountain...you want her as a beta tester.

D out.

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