Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Great Preview and herding cats

Came across a really nice preview over at Gamespy regarding Pirates of the Burning Sea. Great thing about this preview is that it gives you more than just a " looks really good", there is actually some very good material regarding game play. If you're interested in this game at all, go take a look.

Take a look at this. I heard about this a couple of weeks ago and I got a shiver down my spine....and not a good one. You know what this reminds me of a Simpons's episode (so many things in life do. Remember that Simpson's episode where this car maker (his brother I think) decided to create a car for the common man...that common man being Homer. It was funny as hell what he made, but suffice to say it did not go over very well. I get that kind of feeling from this project with a just a hint of the "herding cats" metaphor given how many gamers have signed up for this. Time will tell and I wish them luck...

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