Monday, February 13, 2006 games

Wow....has it ever been a dry game world out there. But alas, the oasis to my Sahara is finally arriving this week. Yes, Star Wars: Empire at War is arriving in stores this week and I can hardly wait. I've got $90 worth of EB Games gift cards that have been burning a hole my pocket since Christmas...and the burning is reaching unmentionable areas (ummmmm...I've said too much)

Again, if you haven't had a chance, please check out the demo...great stuff.

Another good one that’s coming out soon is Galactic Civilizations II. I've been in the beta for this one for quite a while. Its a 4X space strategy game (yes....they still make those). So if you're familiar with the genre, then I won't bother explaining it. Stardock is truly one of the best indie game developers out there. So if you like these type of games, pick this one up. These guys at Stardock (and others like them) have got to keep making games or else its curtains for true innovation in gaming.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, in my option, cannot come soon enough. This game looks like it might be the WoW killer for me. Believe me; I'm really looking for something that will take me away from WoW. I've hit level 60 with my Rogue and am just doing the grinding of MC over...and over....and over. Its slotted for March 20th (according to EB). Its been delayed before. Hopefully this date is solid.

...oh, and #2 for my New World Order List: People who don't signal. Its that little stick-like-thingy next to your steering wheel....USE IT!!! Not sure if I want these people arrested or sentenced to watching The Wiggles for 25 years (those with kids will understand the reference)

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