Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Welcome everyone to The Common Sense Gamer.

I've been thinking about starting a Blog for some time now, but I've really been struggling about what the content would be. There are so many good sites out there covering a wide range of issues.

Well, I know I like gaming, so that was a must...but I had to think of something else to write about to fill in those dry spells that the gaming industry likes to subject us too every couple of months. It finally hit me last night.

See, our insurance/retirement savings agent game over last night and we all got the talking about how things have changed with parenting and in the schools here in my home town. We started covering how idiotic it has all become...with the main emphasis being on "self-esteem" and the near fanatical fixation on safety now-a-days. I mentioned that maybe group of parents should oneday form a support group called "Parents for Common Sense".....The Common Sense Gamer was born.

So, more to come soon. I’m hoping to write something every couple of days…so hang tight.

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