Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Elysium from Gamers With Jobs has another excellent article up regarding his theory on the current "slump" that the gaming industry is in.

One thing he does not mention is the impact that MMOs are having on game sales. If you have 5 million subscribers to WoW, that’s got to hit the bottom line for game sales somehow.

I can only use myself as an example, but I know my game purchases have decreased since I've played WoW. Now that I'm taking a WoW break, I've bought two:Fable and DDO (pre-order). I'm picking up Star Wars: Empire at War today to cool off that burning sensation of those gift cards.

Penny Arcade had summed up my feelings quite well over EQ2 here. I played EQ2 when it first came out. Man, that wasn't a game, it was a job...especially after lvl20. After about 2 months of that, my whole guild left the game. I then went on to City of Heroes and then to WoW. My guild still hangs out to this day in WoW, and now in DDO. We were so disappointed in how EQ2 turned out, that every MMO we think about getting together on, we always ask ourselves, "will it be another EQ2?". That game was a classic case of reading the market wrong. This is even more evident given the success of WoW.

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