Monday, February 20, 2006

The Revolution

So I've been doing more thinking about what this delay of the PS3 means for Nintendo...and the more I think about it, the more I think that Satoru Iwata has probably got a serious case of the giggles right now.

It’s all about the Japanese market. Right now, Sony owns the branding market against Microsoft in Japan...70% to 30% were the last numbers that I saw, not sure about how that translates to market share of Play Station systems vs XBox. Microsoft knows they have a problem in Japan because Japanese will always support a Japanese product...its partly culture driven. This will always be the case no matter how cute they get the XBox360 to look.

Now, imagine if you take the PS3 out of the picture for the next year...who fills in that void in the Japanese market...not Microsoft, but Nintendo. True, Nintendo had an edge anyway because it is Japanese, but with PS3 not showing up this could give it a nice little boost.

Time will only tell what this will do this the American market. People who passed on the 360 in the hopes of the PS3 might just grab the 360 just to get into the next gen, or they might just grab a Nintendo...not really sure.

Wow...speculating is so much fun...

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