Friday, February 10, 2006

EA vs Nortel

Bill Harris, whose excellent blog can be found here, told me that a good parallel for a Nortel in the software industry is Take-two...for sure. These guys at Take-Two are in some trouble financially and from what I last read are a rumored target for a buy out.

My connection between EA and Nortel is very soft...however, they are both great examples of how "leaders" within those companies like to sugar coat bad news with euphemistic language.

Take a look at this article from 2001.

A nice little highlight from that one, which sounds really familiar...

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Nortel said that while it expects to continue to hire in 2001 to focus on high-growth markets, it will eliminate 4,000 regular full-time positions "through streamlining and realignment activities."

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