Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm soo negligent

Like every other gamer on this planet, I've been hit by the Oblivion bug, and may never return from its depths of gaming goodness. Wow, what a complete game. But make sure you have a at least an Nvidia 6800 or equivalent in your rig for this beast...cause you'll need it. If you're having trouble getting good graphics settings, go here and here. This posting over at the main Oblivion website sets the .ini file that has made the game as smooth as a babies bottom without making it look bad...actually, it looks fantastic.

I've completely neglected this site as well as other games, and I apologize to my two readers. But, I did warn you all, that I'm more a gamer and less of a writer. Add to that the great weather that we're getting up here...yes, spring has sprung.

I also have so much to talk about on the Common Sense front as well. My daughter got her report card last night...and being in Kindergarten, we don't take it that seriously, because it’s not a real grade. But I was looking at the letter that came with it. Instead of parent/teacher interviews, they now have "student-lead presentations"...WTF!!!?? Apparently, when a teacher wants to talk to you about how you're kid needs to improve, they don't so much talk to you, but get your kid to put on a presentation so that he/she can work on their bullshitting skills and tell you how well they are doing.

I'm sorry, but this is crap. I want to talk to the teacher. I want to know where my kid needs to improve and I want to know where she excels. I don't need the kid giving me power-point slides trying to snow-wash me...I don't even want my kid there when I do discuss his/her progress.

So good job teachers...yet another way for us to sugar coat every facet of life.

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