Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lots of news

Wow....lots of news coming down the pipe lately. Sorry that I haven't updated lately...I know my whole 2 readers out there are crying uncontrollably due to lack of updates. But I play more than I a result, I'm kind of behind on the news.

First and foremost. Elder Scrolls : Oblivion has gone gold and will be shipping March 20th. I'm listening to Gaming Steve's preview as we speak. He had the opportunity to play it for about 6 hours a couple of weeks ago. This is shaping up to be a must have title. I'm still on the fence on it....not because I won't like it, but because DDO and GalCiv II are taking up most of my time right now. I might get it anyway...I'm such a whore that way. There is also Neverwinter Nights 2 to think about as well...which I will no doubt get.

GalCiv II just got patched to V1.0X. If you haven’t picked up this game and are a 4X strat fan...get this NOW. Excellent game. The ship design is awesome and the game play is very deep. Check it out and support these guys so they can get to work on GalCivIII.

World of Warcraft hit the 6 million mark last week and is getting ready to release the 1.10 patch within the next couple weeks. 1.10 is on the Test Server right now. Since I'm out of the loop now on all things WoW, I can't comment on the changes, but the weather effects that I saw look great.

Oh...and my wife and I got our monthly news letter from the school today. Although these things are usually blogging gold for me, my wife informs me that there is not much there. I plan to read it tonight to see how much they piss me off this time.

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