Friday, March 10, 2006

More on GalCivII

If you ever wanted to get a behind the scenes look at GalCivII, here is a great podcast by the folks at PoweruserTV.

They've made some great company milestones with this game. One of which is surpassing the TOTAL sales of GalCiv I within the first week of GalCivII sales. They're already into the second manufacturing cycle.

Gamerankings for this game are great as well....not sure if I linked that before, but regardless, its worth doing again.

Congrats to everyone at Stardock for a great product.

I know...I know...I've been pushing this game quite a bit and you're probably sick of it by now. Well, I just love it when an independent game company creates gold like this....and no, I don't work for them, though I sometimes wish I did :)


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