Friday, March 10, 2006

Oblivion and DDO

Well...I preordered it yesterday....Elder Scrolls:Oblivion that is.

That burning sensation that was the EB gift card has now been put out. It should make its way to me by the 21st of March. I'll post my impressions once I have some. Looking on the net, you'd think that this game is the second coming. Hopefully, such high expectations don't ruin the game for some.

So far, DDO has an 88% on This really means nothing right now, since there are only four reviews in at the time of me writing this, however; this game is turning into a hit for most who play it...ummm...correction, a hit for those who play it with the correct expectations.

This game is not a direct port of PnP...if you think it is, then you'll be disappointed. This game is not for WoW fanboyz and power levers...if you are, you'll hate this game. If you're a 13 year old l337 dude, please stay away from my server. If you have a group of 4-5 friends who you like to play games with and they enjoy the DnD ATMOSPHERE (damnit..there's that word again), then you'll love this game.

Right now, I've only seen one of my favorite creatures, the Minotaur, and I tell you, it was a blast to see that thing charge our fighter and knock him on his ass. I can't wait to see my first Beholder.

Sorry for no review yet, but you're getting the idea of what I think of this game. Once I get my head out of the game, I can actually start writing. MMOs are hard to write reviews for due to thier dynamic nature. There are rough edges in this game that need to be fixed, so I might hold off the review until 2 or 3 updates go in. Part of an honest review for an MMO should be how the company providing the MMO moves forward with the game...and its too early to tell how that will go yet.

...more soon.

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