Wednesday, April 19, 2006

GWJ Looses Fletcher

Wow...still negligent on my own website. Amazing how gaming takes away from actually writing about games, but this post will have some of what I've been doing over the weeks.

First off, my favorite pod cast over at Gamers with Jobs Radio is loosing one its more talented personalities, Russ...or Fletcher as he's known. He has the voice for radio and a sense of humor that had me in tears at some points during the shows life. He's unpredictable in what he'll say on the air, which just added to the charm of the show. The other personality on the show is the GWJ CEO Shawn. Temperament wise, he's the exact opposite of Russ...calm voice, even keel etc. This type of pairing is what makes the show perfect IMHO.

This pod cast is (I don't want to say 'was' yet) THE best post cast on the net. Its funny, informative and extremely witty. I've bought many a game just listening to this show because I trust it and it will be a shame if it dies completely. I'm almost positive that they will be back, and I look forward to that day.

Now, on to the gaming section. I've gone back to WoW...that’s right, I've gone back...I, am officially Blizzard's bitch and I will do anything for this sweet mistress. Unbelievable. DDO did not hold my interest for too long, which is disappointing. Being a Rogue in that game was just perfect. It was so different from a Rogue in WoW (i.e. useful)...finding and disarming traps, finding secret doors and doing really nice damage. I had really great times with my friends there...buuuut, what kept it from sticking was the fact that I HAD to have my friends there. There is nothing for me to do without them. So, back to WoW I went and there I will stay. I think the next thing on my horizon MMO wise is Vanguard, however, rumor has it that this one will be very "old school", so I'm not sure how I will react to that considering how much I didn't like EQ (...Put that tomato down....).

I've gotten back into Battlefield 2 as well. I really need something to satisfy the twitch gamer in me, and this seems to scratch that itch. I'm thinking of getting Special Forces, but I've heard mixed things about we'll see. This is a great game, but its made by my mortal enemy believe me, I'm holding my nose the whole time I'm playing it.

I bought a month in City of Heroes, just to see how its changed since I left. If you like MMOs, you've got to try this game out. It lasted me about 8 months, which is good for a game. I really just wish it was a deeper MMO than it currently is...its just missing a certain something that keeps it from being a mainstay game for me.

Oblivion has blown me away. My rig can barely keep up with this game, technologically speaking. I won't even try to sum up this game, because it would take me waaay too much time to do. Wait...I take that back, here is my summary: GO BUY IT!!! There. This game will easily last you the rest of your life. If you like open ended games that are RPGs, FPS with adventure elements and a hint of lemon, then this game has years of game play just waiting for you. I've put it down for the last couple of weeks because a) WoW, and b) I heard a rumour that the patch may fix broken I didn't want to get too far in order to fully experience the game properly. Also, I'm trying to get a computer upgrade which will further help me enjoy this ground breaking game. Thinking of getting the nVIDIA 7600GT with a new PCIe motherboard to replace my current 6800GT and AGP MB.

Not much more going on gaming wise from my end. Couple of games coming down the pipe for the PC: Ghost Recon:AFW, HOMM IV and for MMOs, like I mentioned, Vanguard.

Thats it for now...

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