Friday, May 04, 2007

More on Gods and Heroes

Some very good info about Gods and Heroes found here if you haven't seen if yet. I've mentioned before that I have reservations about the minion system. Well, the interesting part of the article states:

I run into the field, minions in tow - if I haven't mentioned it before, this whole minion thing is really really cool - and poke the stag with my pike. Nothing could have quite prepared me for what came next.

"...really really cool.."??? I was really hoping she'd expand on that statement, but alas, she didn' my skepticism remains. I think it the only way that this "icky" feeling about the minion system will go away is if I play it or someone I trust tells me otherwise. The feeling about minions is completely unjustified, I know, but it's something that I haven't shaken about the title at this point. The combat, however; looks outstanding. The interview above gives some information regarding the "paired animations', in which the enemy reacts to your hits...and I find that feature very appealing.

For those interested in the loot system for G&H, there is this to read. Very nice indeed.

D out.

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Bildo said...

This game really can't come out soon enough for me. Between it and Pirates... I may be struggling internally over which MMO to play very shortly.