Friday, May 04, 2007

The Grab Bag

Funny how things can go from zero to sixy over a course of a let's get to it. This is going to a link/editorial post, so grab some popcorn people.

First up is a very interesting article from from the Escapist regarding the plight of modders within WoW...and oh my gawd do I ever feel for them. One of the more revealing entries in this article reads:

After he put so much into the compilation, Mazzlefizz felt betrayed by the community. It wasn't pleasant having such a small issue be the most discussed portion of MazzleUI. "There's just so many young, immature kids, so many bloated egos and such a high degree of self-entitlement. Complaining and criticizing are just the status quo," he said, before adding that not every experience he's had with users was awful. It's just "the negative aspects have outweighed the positive aspects lately and have caused me to … question the time and effort I put into developing my add-ons." To date, MazzleUI hasn't had any significant updates. MazzleFizz keeps busy collecting bug reports and has gone back to just playing the game.

(emphasis is mine)

Lots to say about this....actually, this one paragraph could be blog fodder for a week by my standards. Developing mods for the WoW community must be like cutting yourself and then wading into a pool of sharks with personality disorders. I used lots of mods when I was playing WoW and I have nothing but respect for the amount of time and effort that these people put into their work. I highlighted that one part because it reminded me of a post I did a last month regarding that sense of entitlement that gamers have in regards to access to all levels of a gaming company. I have always thought that gamer culture has this HUGE misplaced sense of entitlement in which they believe a) I shall be able to talk to the CEO at any time, b) I deserve the best right now, c) everything I think is wrong shall be, d) all devs shall acknowledge my issues and, e) I'm the most important player in the game and everyone else is newbsauce, f)...bah...I'll stop get the picture. You can also see how the bloated egos come in as well. I've encountered a couple of these people in my travels and I just want to throttle them...grrrrrr. Why gaming companies and modders put up with these idiots is beyond me. They are not the normal player...they are social rejects with a superiority complex and need medication, not attention.

Next up, CoH released Issue 9 and it looks like its making a good impression. I haven't gone and checked it out yet, and honestly, I don't know when I will given the other things that I've got up and coming. Anyway, finally, after 2-3 years CoH/V has a crafting system. Too little too late? We'll see.

On the LoTRO front, there is a nice summary of impressions on Turbine's latest MMO over at Gamebunny. One of the summaries there brings up a good point...will LoTRO be the first MMO which has an ending? We all know what the ending is for this story, so it just makes sense that this may be the case. Turbine can prolong this as much as they want, because let's face it, there is a lot of material in those books to be had. There will be an end, no doubt...the big question is what, if anything, will they transition to when the end does come?

On the social commentary side of things, this bit of non-sense came up this week regarding gay marriage in LoTRO. Alright, my stance on this? In the context of LoTRO, there were no gay least within the main story line. Given that, gay marriage of two dwarfs within LoTRO makes as about as much sense as a Hobbit with a ray-gun and jet pack. I really don't care if gays marry in the real world, but it doesn't mean we rewrite creative works and games to support it if it doesn't fit in the original context of the story.

Best for last, and I want to thank Cuppy for bringing this to my attention. Apparently, a new race and new adventure zones are coming to EQ2. One The new race is called the Arasai and the new zone is Neriak. This is a dark Fae race that will compliment the recent additions from the EoF expansion. This is really great news for SOE and yet another example of how they've really turned EQ2 around from the shipwreck that it was. The only bad news about this is that I will now have to go back into EQ2 to take a look. OK, maybe that's not so bad after all :) Anyway, good show SOE...keep 'em coming. See, it's stuff like this that makes me wonder about why they're even considering taking on Vanguard.

D out.


Cameron said...

That whole sense of entitlement thing really bothers me, as well. People seem to think that because a game isn't free, the entire company and community should have to hear and immediately fix their tiniest complaint. God forbid that the devs nerf something for balance that harms their class, or their favorite mod author doesn't drop a new version for the patch that broke the old one.

Paying for a game gives you the right to... play the game. And that's about it. If you don't like it, vote with your wallet and provide honest feedback on why you left.

As for LoTRO, I have two things to say:
1) As you mention, they have a _ton_ of material to burn through before we ever see any kind of an ending.
2) They could feasibly just start over at the end so a new crop of players can help the ring to Mordor. It's not like the books are going anywhere soon, and it might be like re-reading or re-playing an old favorite.

My 2 copper.

Bman said...

I'm at the same time outraged and totally unsurprised by the mod article. On the internet, give an inch and people will take a light-year.

I hope Mazzlefizz leaves the offending /shouts and bugs in his mod just to piss off all the whiners.

I haven't even looked into the crafting stuff yet, but it sure is nice to get a couple days of free CoV. I love so many things about the game, but it's just so darned grindy. If not for that, I'd probably be subscribed still.

Bildo said...

I don't think, because of lifetime subs, they'll be "ending" the game for as long as they can. But if they do get to the point of the ring being destroyed, say in 5 years time, I'd expect they may just let the game hang in perpetuity.

And as for EQ2... the more I read about it, and I fondly remember my short trial with the Fae... the more I'm tempted to journey into it again. But do I really want 2 fantasy MMOs?

yunk said...

I think he's right, but also he should apply everything he says to himself, for he also has a sense of self-righteousness and better-than-you complex.

What kind of moron puts stuff in the code that shouts out "I'm having a Mazzlegasm" etc to everyone in a zone while you're playing? Of course people are going to complain, they want an addon that does what it says, not that does what it says and also impersonates you shouting out (arguably) offensive language.

I don't have much respect for him at all, since he is EXACTLY like the little brats he is complaining about.